Tuesday, November 12, 2013

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Original Songs and Collaborations

Deanna  (Morey/Likert)
They Could Be Monsters  (Gilchrist/Likert)
Faded Yellow Gown (Alt Ending)  (Likert)
Endless Fascination of Love  (Likert)
Songs to our Sons  (Morey/Likert)
Counting the Years  (Morey/Likert)
In A Dream  (Morey/Likert)
The River of Life  (Morey/Likert)
Alien Nation (live at the Lyman)  (Likert)
The Empty Glass  (Millaway/Likert)
On the Plain of Salisbury  (Morey/Likert)
Take You By Storm (Live)  (Morey/Likert)
Voices in the Snow  (Morey/Likert)
Daughter of the Wild Northwestern Plain  (Likert)
Daughter of the Wild Northwestern Plain (2014 Remake)  (Likert)
There are Times  (Morey/Likert)
One and One (Make Three)  (Likert)
Bright New England Shore (Rhodes/Likert)
If You Need to be Free (Millaway/Likert)
Dancin With A Dream (with Doug Millaway)  (Millaway/Likert)
Again and Again  (Hadley/Likert)
Deadly Embrace/Four Horsemen (Likert)
Life Flows On  (Gilchrist/Likert)
Ballad of Carol Bell  (Likert)
Ballad of Carol Bell (with Travellers Rest inspiration)  (Likert)
Travellers Rest  (Likert)
On Christmas Day  (Delegato/Likert)
The New Greenhouse Effect  (Rhodes/Likert)
Where I Belong  (Millaway/Likert)
Seven Years Ago   (Likert)
Total Confusion (with Norb Veit)  (Veit/Likert)
Early Myths Part 1
Early Myths Part 2
Early Myths Part 3
Early Myths Part 4
Early Myths Part 5
Tori and Tiffany

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer 1990 - (Do Elves Sell?)

Out to Carolbellview for 4 track laydown of folkie tune, first try was in hyperspace but later slowed down. Two versons of Do You Think (Mikies song) floating abut, other new solo efforts around including Carry Me Away and Strange as it may Seem and new gospel one and first pass of Galactic Storm and new one for Pam, keep em coming by God. No new chords from Les, must be cranky. No recording plans as master reel languishes. Electro drums quit but midi saves the day. Finally some rain as heat breaks

Gala Barn Jamboree, takng advantage of the photo mans summer hours. New coiuntry standard 1+1=3 in the oven. Les obsessed with Salisbury, which is given lively if somewhat ponderous treatment. Obligatory runtrhu of In July (actually written in August 89 for you trivia buffs, you dont care? Well f.y.) Opened with Deadly Embrace which Dr J seems to find catchy, so closed with it also. Talking studio, talking Baby Huey, talk talk talk. Les delivers his version of Do You Think, ohso folksy plus rockin versions of There Are Times, new mellow intro to Land, footstomping Rangers. Closed with covers Doug Kiln, Punk. Baby and Heat in the news on the farm.

Its a boy Mrs Likert its a boy. Better get a ToysRUS credit application. Sunch with the Lenders and highpowered meeting with baby huey himself,who seemed colicky and out of sorts, probably needed a change. Be commercial he says. Do Elves sell?

Barn 3rd straight time, better watch it, we might get good. Nah. KB duo with Salisbury in vogue, good version of In a Dream. Debut for New Dark Ages, Les fiddles with chords, hates one part. 1+1=3 debut not much fanfare, even less for If This is Lost, critic board deems it uncountry, OK OK, I'll put in a line about BBQ chicken. Overture tightening up, as are Deadly and Storm. There are Times catching on as fast tune. Thank You good as usual. Les unleashes tape for new folkie tune, looks like 7 Years Ago tome. Gary shoots tick at Les, who be St Louis bound. Dallas for me, still recovering from Talledega. Johnny quote of the month on phone, is it a new week already?

Out to Lamplight or something studio for taping of 1+1, either an update to the theory of relativity or a new formula for toothpaste. Living room atmosphere (close that window for the vocals) for good reason but good tape emerges, Dave Folsom likes the tune sure he does.

Over to Davids for a quickie Endless Fascination, piano from hell has to go if possible however, sounds two steppable to me, however. Over to Senderbilt where Les is making 8 track noises, remember when 8 track meant those cartidges from KTEL. New tap with ascending riff for a change. Technopoem delivered.

Dad in Law visit to Terye, Carol Belle laid down on about 7 tracks, sounding good man.

Houston the 8 track has landed in Belleview, thats 1 small check for les one giant leap for senderkind. Debut runthru of Look To the Skies on fabulous though haunted MR T machine. Complete studio revamping looks fab-oh. My amp will never leave barn again after failed recording test, sound was similar to Blatt. Even godarilla outperformed the little wiener. EZ payments started on 4 track handmedown deck. Les delivers dirge tape, currently working up Momma and Ascending Something. Oh to be young, alive, and a Sender. Dont know about singing in the closet however.

Over to other place for even crummier mix of Endless, but at least piano from hell is gone. Belleview visit as the Big T in shop already, say it isnt so. 4 channel era dawns with easy payment plan, Gary seeks to find out if 4 X 0 is still 0. Unveiling of Circle and Seven, Les however doesnt remember his own riffs, or at least doesnt recognize my necessary revisions. Gala runthru of many older tunes with 2 guys on stool routine, closet booth is ready. Magellan trilogy tape blank. Oh well.

4 channel comes to MiniFarm Studios (the Ross), oh god look at all them buttons ma.

Prelim Hallo flyer, Johnny shaky (redundant news tip of the day). Over to Belleview for return of 8 track, passable version of Carry me Away, new tape for third theme of Magellan delivered, 4 channel taping frenzy continues in barn. Back thru heavy T storms.

Work schedule intruding on band practice, jeez. Hearse delivered, looks good out back, along with new mannequin. Quickie to Belleview after Dallas flyin, Les delivers bizzaro version of Techno, remixed Carry. At the piano for moving renditions of old favorites while dancing Ernie and Mikie, what gets dog slobber out of polyester? Work nearing completion on Magellan Opus, cornering the market on explorer rock. Santa Clara looming. New 4 channel work has included Wasnt Easy/Nathaniel/Best Friends/Keep Yourself Alive.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

1990 Ends - (Johnny Not So Goode)

Back to barn at last for Halloween re=hearse-alls, flyer out, fever pitch buildng. New wilburys first new covers in years, its allright (deedily deedily or whatever man).Johnny brings wild man friend who temporarily mistakes female mannequin for a previous girlfriend (or was she?)., may as well get used to weirdos onstage. Les speaker smells funny, or did the groundhog buy the farm under the drum platform? We hate it when that happens. Rock and Roll beginnng sounds mushy, or is it my brain. Prunes strong as ever (just as they are in real life wink). Fall is in the air as Oakland cruises towards an easy series.

Preparty barn tuneup, Les cranky about amp acting up, Wilburries sounded better last week as Gary forgets fill parts. Reaper is dirgelike the way I like it, Pretenders puts on fales airs, and Johnny still doesnt remember the intro to R&R (could his brain be overexposed). egad. But my troubles were just beginning, as my midnight stroll into the fireplace would later prove. Blackeye city now man. Cowabunga man. Steve out Saturday for garden graveyard, rewire new beer signs, studeo shaping up. New tune One Mans Poison and another jam. Mom in Law in town. Help me. Somebody

Les announces new bass amp out of nowhere, good god, wants hasty pratice this week. Eh whot?

Pre Halloweenie tuneup as Les fiddles about with on again off again new bass amp, which gives us all dark forebodings. New receiver kicking, old receiver on way to burial grounds, more PA speakers lined up for arena like sound. Tubes go down plus Opera selections, champagne batting order is lined up. Johnny disappears promptly at 9 (the cinderella complex?) Les doesn't like descending Wilbury part but nobody cares, nags Gary about guitar fills, which he forgets anyway. Mom in law still hanging in for pre baby blitz. Raining again, screwing up garden graveyard. Almost time to charge up the hearse. New tun You Dont Know Why joins One Mans Poison. Lyrics for Damage Control underway, Autumn Wind and Didnt You Know also floating about.

Halloween V bashorama starts slow but matures into vintage party, extensive outdoor sets include hearse, lighted coffin, vegetable graveyard, mannequins, litup masks, amp candelabras and a vulture in a pear tree. Ad nauseum. Beetlejuice costume for Gary and Werewolfs of Gallatin for Les outdo Johnny, who went too far this time and came as an undeveloped roll of film. Guest jammers included Jimi, Thad, and Johnny not so Goode, who also stole my Steppenwolf imitation. Arm and a Leg mannequin controversial fut fuckem this aint Cincinnatti. Barwa in crowd with new Mrs Barwa, possible jams in the making. Prizes to big Head guy and Sphinx, Snow White. Gary stays sober enough to get fingers out of most orifices, Les amp holds up oh thank you, Johnny gets rock and roll intro (or WAS I drunk), what more can you ask. Nurse Feelbetter was my personal favorite though she wouldnt consent to an exam. Look to the Skies at the Helium balloons, another party in the books.

Ah dont want no sympathy. Ah just want yo, what the hell rhymes with sumpathy? Empathy, wimpathy. Smellview visit finds new rock tune on the way. Les studio in disarray, Les recorder not to be found jeez, copies of all songs delivered. Cooking up Barry allstar review next week as Turkey Day and Baby Day loo. Magellan debut turns into Shasta singalong of My Little Runaway, dont ask me how, but thats showbiz. Del Shannon and the explorers. Also Welcome to New Year stomp for the hayseed set to purchase should they fall off the turnip truck long enough. Final Techno sounds flacid, run for the whiteout. No I didnt buy a tuner. Because.

? No more rocket fuel.

Baby Day (the birth of my son Nathaniel Likert, born 12/7/90) looms as gala Barry Doug Thad athon unfolds in bar, Barry rollng like an 18 wheeler on Overture, See For Miles, Punk, Land, Mule, Deadly and other assorted metal mashers. Doug adequate but flaccid on big wood drum kit, but not bad considering he's never heard of the Who. who? Thad pulsating, playing riffs to Kicks and Pretenders note for note. Gary coherent for a change back on the bud. Ya Ya version of RR on time, Buckinghams, Badfinger, Turtles et all. New Strong and Family tunes, lyric contest cooking, oh please pick me oh please. Better end this turkey for another year. See ya Bye

Final 1990 wrapup wraps up at Belleview home for indigent wannabees. Gary, somewhat tipsy from office part delivers chronicles, Mother Vol 1 tape and YES YES YES file, retyped and everything, yes Les there is a Santa Claus,. Les says stop drumming on tape reels, jeez. New Foundation chords ringingly melodic, new chords for winter song melodically ringing. Closed with gala opera hitfest including a surefire hit coffee house version of Amon Sul, I'll be pitching it to Peter Paul and Mary.

Terye expeditin with Dad In Law for Nathan tune, how folkie can you get. He needs a shower curtain.

Any thoughts of no more Johnwa this year come crashing down as Olde St Slug cruises in about 8 for some drums and stuff from his first country gig in 2 years. See you in April.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

1991 Begins (Fuzz is Cheap)

Welcome to the new year! Went overture to Belleview to begin gala taping era, strange dog hanging around back door, perhaps a fan. Badass new 10 buck amp and yodeling speakers prove fuzz is cheap. Bodacious runthru of Overthaing on (gasp) new reel of tape. Preparing to send in tape to magazine in case they think they've heard everything. thinking Marshall. Blasting Yes songs just because.

Holy MormanTabernacle Batman, choir-mania is striking! You take the sopranos, I'llzap the baritones with my new ray gun

The Overture sessions roll on, with new Marshall sounding ooh la la in person but suspiciously tinny on tape, what do I got to do, play thru a toaster? Choir sunding choirlike, tuner cming in handy, its funny how the guitars are always out of tune now that I have one, they never were before . Honest. Mikie shining. Cuban dinner served that Ricky Ricardo wouldve been proud of. Horn/oboe selection sounds good on master. Gary straightening up music room, somebody has to do it. 2 more months and the Overture will be Over. Sure.

A day to live in infamy as the US attacks Iraq and Gary only has 1 beer at practice. Overture is shaping up as Gare wisely backs off the Marshall fuzzz, redoes acoustic 8 times (giving rise to rumors that he plays with himself in closets). Les cranky in a generic sense. Mikie imitating an untamed force of nature. Ernie drooling in my pockets. In other words, nothing much new in Belleview. Boffo runtrhu of gramps Nathan tune, complete with barbershop chorale ahs, GAry demanding a remix however. NO scud missles on the way home, but I WAS using my scudbuster. Will we ever get to The Gathering?

Day 8 of the War, Day 2000 of trying to finish the WarmedOverture. The Gathering goes down in electronic goo, but who says white boys cant sing folkie. Bold new Marshall 3 mike attack thickens guitar sound on Shadows, Gare doubles vocals with Patriot-like precision. Final mix of lullabye, turning up yodelers. No Mikie or Budweiser interference, Les and Shasta cranky about Garys Tiller campaign promise, which he has 'no memory' of. Kentucky song all dressed up but nowhere to record. Stay tuned.

Belleview as endless Overture sessions go on, endlessly. Les and Shasta cranky about tiller. Gary carries in groceries, steps in dogshit (its the little memories that mean the most). Another electric on Overture, Les adds strings on Lorien segment, rewanks Gathering. Adds kbs to Shadows, wa wa over for solo. Picked up Ross 4 track, it better work. First night for Hawaiian Punch cocktails. May not finish the opera before I retire at this rate.

The Jack is on the workbench, pack up the kids and run for your life. Les new murky mixes of Overture/Shadows. Shast cranky about tiller. Les cant sing falsetto, so Gary does all vocals and guitar on Rangers. Nazgul dont rehearse, so right into rhythm and vocals tracks for Amon. Rap comes out wraith like, can the gobble boggles be far. Gary grumbling about first lyric contest loss to a song that includes Theodore Roosevelt, sore loser. Mikie almost tips over mixer, raising Les blood pressure to Mt Doomlike temps.

Over to Teryes to pick up tape, could Galadriel be Norwegian? Could she yodel?

Theres a tiller in the garage, but Shasta still cranky in principle. Les late late late so Gare takes over, restrings Gibson, removing strings the Smithsonian would be interested in. New Marshallette practice amp oh so ya ya but Les yawns since it only weighs 12 oz, citing his 11 lb air compressor on order as a better deal with more knobs. New logs with holes at top (no news is too small to appear in the Chronicles), Mikie passes out Valentines, Shasta unbelievably sleepy on couch at 7 PM, Ernie in the doghouse. Oh yeah, music. Les bold new Rangers mix, his versions of last weeks Overture and Shadows sound better. Nothing new on Amon Drool. Haggard guitar laid down with oh so ho so chorus effect verbed in (Nodrul dont use pedals). Gary early departure to mollify those waiting. Jeez.

Les screws up schedule, no prace, Gary cranky. Lunch with Senders, Amon mix sounds like 'I am the Nagul', goo goo ga joob. Mr Marks now open 10 minutes a week, looks like the electronic graveyard. Field of Grey with Palace interlude down, full mix of Best Laid on Ross (at home)now that the mystery buttons are figured out. Delivered mini-marshall rendition of I Dont Want No Sympathy.

Bend me Condense me anyway you want me, long as my sibilants are kept out of sight. Guess what arrived today. Les passes out new badass versons of Amon and Haggard Thing, Gary starts history of equipment list. Big trade arranged mixer/kb stand/3 month old boy for equalizer. No, I wont trade for Ernie (the dog). Iraq war ends (the first one), even Dan Rather took prisoners. Shasta no longer cranky due to tilling action. Acoustic vocals for Race Gary back in closet. Oh god we're out of tape, now what.

Nobody cranky, something must be wrong, Les unfairly teasing Gary about 'dooo' at the end of Race to be Run, Holiday Inn material. Noise Gate arrives, Les rearranges tudio with kb stand, Gary cant afford tape, possible Mark Mike or is it Mike Mark buyout, redid solo to Shadows of the Past, Les puts vocals on Race, remix of that and Amon. Shasta thinks Haggard King is ode to pookie, talking about doggie version of opera, with poozdruls. The ring has fled, now what.

Cats down my guitars like scud missles ohgod. Trying to get Mark Mmike but no. Still no tape. Gary crnaky. But thats OK, Shasta cranky too about mikie beating some kid up, Les cranky for no apparent reason. A good night anyway, no signal from beltloop marshall. Finally got Mr Chrod to help me with a new tune, the Founding shaping up nicely, after ahead into the epic gloom at opera tunes to come. Gary forgets descending chords on Taking Wing, DM DM DM. Life goes on, slowly.

The Mark Mike redeems itself once the offending converter is trashed, Gary puts it on trading block. Nobody cranky.Except Les about his work. New tape hung as the ring heads south on I75 for Chattanooga, with a side excursion to Ruby Falls. Guitar and vocal tracks for Refuge Strong, then back to Race to get out the offending what I must dooooo. Les talking new drum pads. Gary feeding frenzy on chords, finishes Founding (for a different opera). Now what, indeed. Alas. Alackaday. Verily and forsooth. Lunch Friday? Honey I compressed the kids.

Johnny bugging me about cave gig, what rock did these guys crawl out from under?

Through heavy rain we go to belleviewee. Les no progress on last tune but undaunted Moria chords go down with dwarvish glee, gimlet on lead, groin on harmonies. Sensing an opportunity, Les steps up 3 year hounding of Gare for new speaker, pushing him to the verge of relenting, allright I give! I cant take it anymoreeeeeeeeeeeeee! The merits of the cave gig are debated oh so eloquently - excerpt - whatta ya think .. hoods of cars man ... yeahbut the squirrels will dig it.. well maybe therell be beer .. our lake gig record aint so good man .. well our long hollow tour was a great success after we broke into the hall man .. alas.. alackady .. verily .. fuck ... A brief footnote from Pam, I AINT CAMPING WITH JOHNNYS FRIENDS. thankyou for that clarification. But it looks like we'll go, for it is the curse of the senders that they forget. hope i dont get pine needles in my amp or more importantly, my shorts. Hope the Yes file dont get lost. Maybe it will rain.

Spring 1991 (A Fever Pitch)

The Van Man briefly dubs and runs with manic solo to Moria using the little man from marshall, arpeggios in the 12 string thing on Refuge, although Abm-Ebm are not your dream chords. Les inexplicably rfuses to do any other dubbing, citing life has his only explanation. Lorien on hold pending as I understand it shipment of a grand piano in from Hungary, hopefully not COD. Another day, another 15 grand in debt.

Back to the Barnski after long layoff and grass cutting session, cant sing, cant play, cant see, johnny looking dapper in his floral print, talking up going up holmes creek without a paddle. Les brings over his tongue depressor, gary breaks D string in stunning finale. Gala runthru of greatest metal hits of senderdom, including great valerie (Monkees)-like Storm chorus. Yessongs sound dubious, gary tires before johnny but then HE had 4 months rest. Cool and clear, just like we like it. Ah April in gallatin.

Les goes diskette as Mirage lands in barn with yodellers doing 10CC, la las, and other grunting noises. Gary cranky (first time ever) as guitar out of tune all night, new Baba sample sound suspiciously familiar, Milli Senderilli makes their debut. Johnny still warbling about cave gig, gary and les convinced that those not sitting on car hoods will be hanging upsidedown in trees. Johnny promises naked hairy women, hope they're not too hairy. Car gets towed out front. Dreadful version of Land but piano sounds cool. Les stomping on pedal, sounds thin when he turns it off. Close with hey hey whatthef do you say. Gary tunebandwagon continues with Age of Ice, In the End and assorted stuff.

Rainy monday quickie to View-Belle, gary understandably cranky from standing around in rain, ernie under car banished outside, van with new trailer light hookup, who cares you say? Gary forces les at gunpoint to finish a mix of Refuge, although its not for the faint of heart - I will take it, but I didnt know you were gay .

Do the light pole shuffle, bring your soldering iron, stand in this here puddle, and do some funky wiring

Les and Gare scratch their heads in dread of being snookered into another long hollow gig, may the core be with you obi-wan. The Loose Barn Coalition meets after johnnys machine gets fixed (a matter of opinion), still soggy from Talleflooda but plenty of Jim Beame left so who cares. Les Millivanilla has us playing Tuesday and Out there to gooey 'ahs', who are yous, and babas sound better, along with fat sax on Overthrill, nobody likes thin whining sax. Except Nozdrul horn sections. Johnny wants drink but wont use glasses over bar, U2 goes down as do Wilburys, Zepfest ends with Misty and GoodTBT, gary smirks thru All of My Love, NO originals by god, sellout. An ungrounded gary experiences a spit arc to his left fron tooth, pow zap wow. pissing rain at end, in laws arrive on the fast train from ????, tomorrow ohgodohgodohgod. oh Hi Mom! he croaked rather unconvincingly, flashing his best sickly smile.

In a momentary lapse of the little grey cells, johnny and johnny jr. show up at 8:15 for a nonpractice, but its OK, he had a headache anyway. at least he knew it was Wednesday.

Layoff cloud hangs low at Northern. Back from oh so rainy camping trip. Out to Beleeview Bachelor pad, barely visible above high plains grass. Evidence of campground in family room. Gettysburg family relics observed, trilogy begun, anybody know where i can sample a cannon? Johnny renames band BNCs, although Batteries Not Included might be a better name. Upcoming gig not exactly generating fever pitch excitement zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Summer 1991 (The Crowd Seemed Puzzled)

Out to Beelview for first annual tour of the reverbs, my favorite is Sewers of Paris. Johnny showing no apparent concern for our two practices all year as a long hollow feeling sets in about the Blotto club gig, also being billed as On the Hoods of Their Trees 91. Maybe we can power the amps through a windmill, or how about squirrels in hamster wheels, or. Gettysbur Triad advances two steps forward, one step sideways. Gary has new bass/drum combination now shows a more basic problem, notenoughtrackadoplis, a dread malady suffered by those without 2 grand sitting around. Another botched attempt at Can You Think, les crankily still doesnt like that E. gary puzzled but empathetic. Fab new enteratinment center, bulls even series with lakers, gary remembers marshallette this time.

Pregig jitters hit a fever pitch as yawn, snore zzzzzzzzzz. where was I, oh yeah, Gary makes a site visit to Dekalb county, which looks alot like the set from Deliverance. Drive 100 miles past Watertown till you see the drivein screen with holes in it uh huh. the pole looks electrified however. Barnski frantic practice this night found the senderhodags wisely changing all equipment settings and inserting different tunes, just so we dont sound too polished. Rickerbaken screws up, gary new bass standin does OK. New barn roof seems to shun early rain ohthankyou. new Marshallette slave puffing but hanging in. Sound got good later or was it the tallboy busches, who cares. Summer tour 91 is on us, by cracky.

Cave people are boring, what do we expect for those who shun the light of day, the sullen sun. Nazgul probably spelunk on the side. Big gig goes down way out in the country, OK stage luckily due to rain, Les steps on electric grass. Gary sits in electric lawn chair, oddly enough, the only guy in need of shock treatment doesnt get it. Dread zepful first set, Gary attempts to determine whether SG JRS bounce, 2 hour version of Dead in which Gary wisely decides not to play rather than face the horrible tune situation. The crowd was puzzled early but warmed up to a few goodnatured drunks near end. Sullen faced core dude puts an end to the hoo ha at 12, but we did squeeze in our traditional chance for Johnny to both RR, we were NOT disappointed. Banjo guy on stage at end, theres one at every gig.

Munch with the Senders - Les new tape new low in fidelity, wouldve been better phoned in to my answering machine. Working on new yuletide song.

Gary tied up with HRSC stuff,vol 1 bouquets are pouring in. Over to Les house for psychology babbling, les sporting new guitar, gary new amp stand.

Les stuns the world with first solo outing, spouting global doom (Visions of Mind), and we expect no less from les. Gala recording session on tap. 12 mixes result, all of which gary decides suck later.

Gala recording session tapped, les first solo outing 'visions of mind' burning up charts, gary tries to sing and not sound like barry white, couple versions done. Yes mag and worst rock book bandied about, shasta tries to pawn off zuchinni, There are Times initial tracks laid for vol 3, probably never see them again. Working on chiptunes on the side. Reverbagogo at home. ooh la la.

Cleaned out barn all weekend for practice this week but no, guess who cancels. Travelers Rest financial scandal has Gary beginning a new verse to the old folksong, set at Brushy Mtn State Pen. Lunch with the despondent Les looms tomorrow, but hes got money so let him be cranky. White Cliffs shaping up nicely.

Gala barn reunion as Hallo 6 flyers hit the street, debut of the bone brother guitars, Les talking jive about rickenbacker 12, changing his name to Jim now, Roger later. Very muggy, gary gives up no beers by god. First night for baby marshall, still in diapers. Third mixdown of Visions delivered, now where did I put that. Mostly covers, rare reading of Hurdy Gurdy Man, Les trying to do King of Pain, finished up with Levy and Spinal Tap. Didnt get to White Cliffs.

Les lets go the bomb of the year, its two, two, two guitars in one. Omigod Rickenbacker 12 string/bass combo, weighing in at 75 lbs, the Birds are taking off. Who says he aint living a charmed life, Mr Hewgley!

Its kid night in the barn, as limo driver Johnny graces us with a rare appearance in between limo stints with ZZ. Les barely can stand up but jingle jangling along nicely, new birds but gary loses 8 miles high. Garys leg ges scraped, hallo flyers must fly soon. Mostly covers this night, gary now playing bass on a couple, hey sue me if you dont like this sepelling. New marshallete sounding muddy, les amp going in and out, it was quiet, too quiet. wish my amp would go wooo just once more but no. kids doing more pounding on drums than johnny . oh what fun

Monday, May 23, 2011

Fall 1991 (An Exciting Time to be a Sender)

Johnny limo not available, les out in the Cherokee to establish used bass amp lot on stage right. Stagehand cols go up, towering over the proceedings. Speakers on opposite sides now in wall of sound. Les mastering the monster jingle jangle much better on Byrds, Winwood, Hey You, Gary bass career taking off but for where we do not know. Queston tuning verified but no ax to grind it.

Part planning reaches fever pitch. Les unreasonably cranky early until he steals PC power cord for Mirage, Gary justifiably cranky over volume issues. Steve and Steve out, Mr bass man sits in, Zep 1 tune shows promise, sampling good on Boys/Who/Baba. Rewiring may be in the works, skulls piling up. Flyers flying. 1 more practice to go.

Party planning hits meltdown status as new wiring goes in.

Gala preparty party wth Thad and Markie and Mikie wreaking total havoc. Will Les Attended is the big question as an air of controversy (or is that the goats) hangs over the barn. New lights jumbled but working. Garys bass plaing jumbled but not totally offensive, or is that offensive but not totally jumbled? Les 12 string jingle jangled but improving. Johnny just jumbled. Some thngs never change. Good runthrus of Overkill and REM, Paperback sounds good. Let the bubbly pop. Braves tie Pirates, vying for the right to lose to the Twinkies in the series. Cold out there mon.

I love it when a party comes together - Les returns and all goes per plan as gala 6 party unfolds. Fab props include poker game n garden, wake and case o skulls in room, debut of skeleton bartender. Markie and Yukatel twin yokos left and right, spare that sm58 please! Thad on sax, best dancing ever with cat woman and Heido Ho. Marks date Carrie od's and is found laying out in the field, leave here there till spring planting I say. Jimme Hendrix guest appearance goes down in purple haze, dry ice spectacular, sound surprisingly good as we danced the night away. And mom didnt complain up in the big house. I must be dreaming.

Ohmigod, Ben lives. Craig Blackwell, ex JR oil rigger calls, could the johnny era be ending. Others have tried and failed. Octave pedal ordered, have I lost my senses?

God its an exciting time to be a sender. Out to Belleview as Mikie drives up driveway. Paperbag 2 leer byrics on the dubious subway of love, Les surprisingly uncranky with new music room laout. Excitement building over new drummer action. Well maybe. Greatest hits sung with gleee, Gary then takes his paper bag and goes.

No practice as new drummer fizzles, what a surprise. Les making 16 track noises, but hey we like dhim before he had money (except during 'frequent' cranky periods). Wheres my octave pedal by god...

The pawn shop tour goes down with les frantically trying to wangle a 16 track deal, maybe he can synch up 4 4 tracks in quadradial fashion. Tuskaloosa music showoutdoes les with kb graveyard, gary drools at prices. A deal cant be far. Happy turkey day.

Oh so early distribution of the 91 chronicalees at the Belledoo home for wouldbe 16 trackers. Les used car and dog lot never fuller as several specimans of each litter the drive. Les sporting new Korg, Gary new Octave a go go pedal. Les refusing to ever turn 8 track on again, so greatest hits smoozefest goes down. All that money and no where to spend it! Vol 3 of HRSC comes out, Garys legend grows.